Survey Delivery Systems

The Metrics@Work team has extensive experience designing and supporting survey delivery and implementation.  We work with our clients to design a survey process that both builds organizational trust and ensures the highest response rates possible.

Paper Surveys

Paper surveys are useful when an organization has a group of employees who work off-site or do not otherwise have easy access to computers.

Our printed survey packages generally include a survey booklet, instruction sheet (with optional ballot), and self addressed stamped envelope, which allows for them to be returned via Canada Post mail.

On-line Surveys

Our web based surveys – the most commonly used method of delivery – are distributed via a link that can be posted on your intranet, or send email invite from Metrics@Work.

We can also print login sheets with unique username and passwords that can be provided at computer kiosks for staff that don’t typically have access computers.  Our web based survey system includes a built-in incentive draw ballot that is generated after submitting the last page of the survey.  We can provide a web link that is updated every hour for response count checking for all the web surveys.

“clicker” surveys

  • Groups of employees complete the survey in a central location
  • The survey questions are displayed via projector on a screen
  • Each participant is given a clicker (i.e., small wireless keypad) and use the clicker to respond to each question
    • NOTE: This option requires a Metrics@Work representative to be present for technical set-up, moderation where needed, etc.,

Phone Surveys (CATI / IVR)