Comprehensive Benchmarking Capabilities

Benchmarking will help your organization gauge its standing against other organizations, including an understanding of where it stands in relation to “gold standard” scores for each workplace domain measured.

Metrics@Work has compiled a database with over 220,000 respondents. The following is a summary of the full Metrics@Work Database.

Major Sector:

  • Over 297 Public organization survey projects
  • Over 70 Private organization survey projects

Minor Sector:

  • 0ver 56 Region / City / Town survey projects
  • 0ver 112 Hospital survey projects
  • 24 survey projects involving Long-term Care facilities
  • 12 Children’s Aid Society / Children’s Centre survey projects
  • 24 survey projects in Finance / Insurance sector
  • 16 Post-secondary Education survey projects
  • 6 Regional School Board organization survey projects
  • 12 Hospice survey projects
  • And other speciality sector benchmarking can be created upon request

Our  flexible system provides options allowing you to optimize your comparison set. Typical comparisons include:

  • Sector
  • Job type (e.g., senior manager, manager, front-line staff)
  • Work group (e.g., HR, IT, Clinical, Finance, and Marketing).
  • Public vs. Private, For Profit vs. Not-for-Profit, Regional, Urban vs. Rural

We work in consultation with our clients to ensure they are benchmarking their results against the most robust and relevant set of data.