We ensure the success of your survey project

We know that the voice of employees can significantly and positively contribute to the way an organization functions and performs.  For that to happen, we work with our clients to design and deliver employee surveys that:

  • Provide the most objective picture possible
  • Provide all employees the opportunity for input into important work processes and outcomes
  • Create a process that is an Organizational Development initiative in itself
  • Disclose the ‘good news’ and identifies best practices throughout your organization
  • Determine the magnitude and scope of existing challenges with specificity
  • Help to eliminate distortion of opinions and grievances
  • Provide a baseline and allows for solid benchmarking over time
  • Drive more informed decision making and goal setting
  • Offer rationale for new polices and initiatives – empowers management and employees
  • Facilitate targeted action planning – enhances effectiveness of actions
  • Increase receptivity of new initiatives throughout your organization
  • Provide a team building opportunity – creates a shared responsibility for addressing issues

We know that a well planned, effective survey initiative is perhaps the most important strategy to reach these goals.  Through our years of experience, our team has gained insight in the design and implementation of successful organizational survey projects.