Metrics@Work has worked extensively with HR management and OD / HR staff to design workshops and training activities, particularly based on survey results. We have worked with Senior Management, physicians, clinical teams and services staff who have had poor working relationships and been successful in arresting or improving those work environments. Some of our recent HR /OD workshops have included…

  • Municipal staff workshop (60 present) to identify and rank issues for corporate HR /OD initiatives, co-facilitated with their HR /OD
  • Discussion with a Post-secondary Institution HR department staff due to apparent breakdown between staff and management and report for HR Manager and Director
  • RNAO Healthy Workplaces workshop (multiple years) based on their best practices elements
  • 1.5 year investigation of the causes of absence in one of Canada‚Äôs largest employers, using operations data, SAP and HRIS data, facilitated discussions, supervisor / superintendent surveys to pinpoint operations and absence effects
  • Designed a series of management training workshops on managing a major change initiative in a Regional Hospital system
  • Intervention, surveying, and facilitated discussions in a hospital among Senior Management, staff, Board members and physicians on breakdown of relationships and planning for change initiatives, co-facilitated with HR/OD, CEO, Board Chair and Chief of Physicians