Action Planning

Our team of experienced Consultants will work with you to interpret your survey results and provide action-planning sessions that are suitable to the unique cultural landscapes within your organization.

  • Our experience runs across the broad spectrum of Organizational Development, Human Resource Management, Organizational Health, and Organizational Assessment.
  • We are experienced in developing actionable work plans at the strategic level, which guides the implementation of actions at the middle and line management levels.

The overarching goals of the action planning session are to:

  • Assist leaders in choosing specific areas where they want to take action
  • Create a sense of urgency around the need to take action
  • Emerge from the session with concrete, sustainable ‘next steps’

Change Management

Actions taken as a result of an employee survey initiative often result in some form of change. We have extensive experience helping organizations manage the expectations and effects of survey-based change initiatives. Below is a sample of some of the work we have done in this area.

  • Workshop at a hospital Operations Team Retreat (clinical and non-clinical), co-facilitated with their HR/OD, on interpreting survey results, leadership, change management, culture and action planning
  • Hospital Group HR/OD training workshop (V.P., Directors, Managers and OD consultants) on healthcare norms in organizational behaviour and work life, leadership and change management
  • Municipal Department retreat to identify issues that required local management and staff auctioning and issues for referral to corporate HR/OD and Senior Management attention
  • 1 on 1 discussion with an urban hospital Senior Management staff about their issues regarding relationship breakdown and inter-collaboration with a subsequent report to the CEO
  • Workshop for District School Board Administrators (Principals and Vice P.) on School survey results interpretation and action plan development for School Improvement Plans
  • Long Term Care operator (5 LTC and 6 Retirement facilities) workshop for Home Administrators, Quality Improvement Coordinators and HR/OD staff on home leadership and change management
  • Pre- and Post-change surveying of a large municipal change management initiative to support the design of the change process and then to evaluate the effectiveness and “fallout” from the change process
  • Workshop for-profit Lean Manufacturing special interest group (representing 20 small to medium fast growing lean manufacturers in Ontario/GTA) on the “People” element in lean initiatives
  • Designed a series of management training workshops on managing a major change initiative in a Hospital system