Our Work

Metrics@Work offers expertise in organizational measurement and consulting. We work on the leading edge of the professional and academic fields of organizational behaviour and health, employee engagement, quality of work life, and employee health and well-being.

Our Aim is to support the creation of Better People Management in your organization.

Our Core Competency is Surveying.
We have created over 250 workplace surveys, as well as numerous other customer, volunteer, and physician surveys. Our unparalleled applied research systems are based on sound theory, constructed to meet high standards of validity and reliability, and are designed to provide leading edge, practical recommendations.

No One Benchmarks Like Us.
We have broad experience with public and private sector organizations of all sizes, and in certain sectors we can benchmark results against industry best practices. Our systematic approach also allows comparisons internally within and between workgroups, allowing you to better understand and transfer your own internal best practices. Moreover, our systems provide the mechanism to track your progress and the effectiveness of your actions over time. For more information on our Database and Benchmarking capabilities, click here.

What We Offer.

  1. Organizational Surveying and Applied Research
    1. Employee or staff engagement surveys
    2. 360-Degree Leadership Feedback Survey Process
    3. Customer/Client Satisfaction Surveys
    4. Pulse surveys
    5. Volunteer surveys
    6. Physician surveys
    7. Diversity Surveys
    8. Census Surveys
    9. Focus Groups
    10. Clicker Surveying for groups
    11. Qualitative Studies
  2. Data Mining: We carry out sophisticated and in-depth analyses of many forms of empirical data. For instance, in the Healthcare sector, we can easily array your patient satisfaction data over your employee engagement data. We also have sophisticated approaches to the thematic analyses of qualitative data.
  3. Intra-Organizational Presentations and Workshops
    1. Presentations of an organization’s data to Senior Management, Management, Staff, Unions and Boards
    2. Workshops related to strategic HR topics (e.g., Harassment in the Workplace, [OH&S: Bill 168], Leadership Development, and Change Management).
    3. Sector Symposia and Data Sharing Workshops
  4. Organizational Assessments: Primarily around strategic planning but with a primary focus on Human Resource Management.
  5. Speaking and Training and Development Workshops: We frequently speak professionally or conduct 1-2 day workshops, e.g., leadership, team development, change management, incivility and harassment.